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Friday, March 23, 2012

Let me introduce myself...again...

Hello all,

It's 6:21AM where I am, what about you? This is the firs of many to come. I say that every year and am trying to build a platform as a writer. What do I write you ask? Easy, commercial fiction, fantasy, christian, and have tried to write short stories, but they always seem to turn into novels for some reason.

Am I published? No, not yet, but plan to be.  But don't we all. Yes, we all dream of being chosen by an awesome agent .

Last year I took to emailing agents my query without doing much research and having a slightly edited book. Now I have grown wiser, or so I think and have begun to do in-depth research on what my target audience is and who is best to represent it. I must recommend Jeff Herman's Guide to Book Publishers, Editors and Literary Agents 2011 as well as Query Shark (by Janet Reid). Both are extremely helpful. And if your interested in tracking the queries you send out try Query Tracker, its filled with a unique information.

Moving on, tell me what you like to write. That's all for now.

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